• Masai hut, in Tanzania. Worldwide 1.5 billion people have no electricity. Flexiwaysolar.com helps with affordable solar-powered LED lamps
  • kids studying with dangerous kerosene lamp. Flexiwaysolar.com offers a safe alternative: a solar-powered LED lamp
    kids studying with dangerous kerosene lamp. Flexiwaysolar.com offers a safe alternative: a solar-powered LED lamp
  • flexiwaysolar.com solar-powered LED lamps will help stop global warming, which melts these glaciers on Kilimanjaro
  • Happy people in Papua New Guinea with our Flexiwaysolar.com solar-powered LED light in Tanzania
    Happy people in Papua New Guinea with our Flexiwaysolar.com solar-powered LED light in Tanzania
  • Our flexiwaysolar.com LED light is powered by the sun
  • About Flexiway Solar Solutions

The problem

Kerosene lamps cause poverty, serious health problems, fire hazards and ecological damage. Read about a mother's typical day in Africa.

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The solution

The most affordable solar-powered LED light in the world is replacing kerosene lamps. Read about all benefits it brings to local communities

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About us

Our mission, our vision and our history: we present you the people behind the solar project and their thoughts about a brighter future

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    Many people in poor places have no choice but to get sick of kerosene fumes if they want to study or work in the night in order to escape the poverty spiral.

    Flexiway Solar Solutions makes and distributes efficient and affordable Solar-powered LED lights to replace dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps. We work with local parties as well as international charities to ensure the most effective way to improve the lives of those in need.   Read more!

    A few years ago, Australian James ‘Jim’ Fraser planned to climb Kilimanjaro with his daughter Nicky and contacted outfitter Harry Kikstra.

    Jim & Nicky had both been very impressed by the culture and attitudes of the Tanzanian crew and people. They had noticed during their visits that many Tanzanians were not connected to the Electric grid and spent up to a quarter of their already low income to buy kerosene for lighting purposes. However, sunlight is abundant and free in Tanzania and a connection was made.

    Seeing the light

    We decided we wanted to help out and started a company, focusing on lighting the world in a sustainable way. We developed a unique solar-powered LED light and tested it in Tanzania by distributing 1000 lights. The response was overwhelming.

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    In a few words:

    Flexiway Solar Solutions wants to improve the lives of our fellow human beings by replacing dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps by affordable Solar-powered LED lights, creating a brighter future for everybody on our planet.

    Our logo reflects our values: the green leaf-shape represents the trees and our earth, which has suffered so much abuse by the growing human population, industrialisation and globalisation.

    The orange line represents the rising sun, creating energy and life and a Bright future using our solar-powered LED lights, the veins of our company.

    We want to use our solar-powered LED light to create a better, cleaner, more educated, brighter and safer world for everybody.

    We believe in protecting our planet and in empowering the less fortunate people living on it. Not by hand-outs, but by enabling them to solve problems themselves. Mostly all that needs to be done is lowering barriers, and their ingenuity and hard work will take care of the rest.

    Our goal is to help solve several problems using our inventive Solar light.
    Read more about our goals, benefits of our lights and our company.

    We love to hear from you. Send us your comments, thoughts & plans to make our planet a brighter place. You can always comment on the blog posts, email us at info@flexiwaysolar.com or use our contact form.

    We are looking forward to hearing from local charities that want to distribute our lights (please see our detailed Info for NGOs here), but also from retailers in the western world. For now we are not able to send smaller amounts of our lights around the world, but this might change soon, follow us on Twitter to stay updated!

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  • Facts & wisdom

    About a third [PDF] of electricity companies in Africa and South Asia don’t even have the resources to conduct basic operations and maintenance — let alone roll out access to new customers.Worldbank.org via Grist